Helping you rent properties,
that feel like home


At Norbu Homes, we know that it’s important to go beyond the basics and make a platform that can do a lot more than just solve the immediate problems of space and extras. With globalisation and communication becoming more important, we know that people are becoming more different. Our answer to this is that no city should be an outsider and no one should feel like they’re on their own.

What are we?

Norbu homes is a new age startup that wants to provide accommodation solutions with luxurious experience of a hotel and freedom of having an apartment. With a variety of options to choose from across the country of Dubai, we have accommodations for all types and no. of guests.

We provide Short term rental plans ranging from 1 day to a month. Norbu offers a wide range of services designed to make accommodations and homestay booking faster, easier and more affordable.

What do we do?

Norbu Homes is a home rental service that caters to families and travelers that desire something more than a hotel during their trip. We provide our guests with a variety of condos, apartments, and houses, as well as other sorts of rental properties, across the lovely country of Dubai.

If you’re going on vacation with family, taking a business trip with a big group, or travelling solo, you can find rental homes that fit your budget while still providing the comfort and space you require. Take advantage of features like extra bedrooms or a fully equipped kitchen and special services right at your doorstep for you to enjoy a relaxing trip.

Our Vision

We intend to achieve our long-term objective of becoming industry leaders not only in Dubai but also in the Gulf region and the rest of the world by placing a greater emphasis on quality over quantity.

Paras Dhawan established the company in 2022 after making the decision to pursue his interests in hospitality and Real Estate in Dubai. Our company was established by a man who, armed with a solid education and extensive professional experience in engineering and business, has set his sights on developing the most practical strategy for the administration of vacation homes in Dubai. 
The properties are managed as well as equipped in accordance with the highest hospitality standards in order to ensure that each and every customer has an experience that is trustworthy, dependable, and uniform.

“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.”

— Robert T. Kiyoski